He is called Rev. or Rabbi by some. Others know him as a husband, father, grandfather or trusted friend. He is best known as the husband of the beautiful Prophetess Carol Simpson, his wife of almost 30 years.

They have 3 wonderful children to this union, Nekisha, Jerine and Nicholas II. Pastor Nicholas is a native of Las Vegas and has been serving various Christian communities from California to Nevada for over 25 years.

Pastor Nicholas is recognized as a preeminent scholar in the Christian community and is an active member of several Religious organizations: American Academy of Religion, Society of Biblical Literature, Association of Literary Scholars, Critics and Writers, North American Patristic Society, Woodrow Wilson International Society of Scholars, Bio Logos Foundation, National Association of Evangelicals, Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality, and the European Association of Biblical Studies.

He has the heart of a Mystic and the mind of a Philosopher. He is a cutting edge thinker called to reach a diverse people from various backgrounds, cultures and denominations.

Every generation, God raises up ordinary men to achieve extraordinary exploits. God has called Pastor Nicholas for this paradigm shift that is taking place in the Kingdom of God.